Company Law Matters

Direct & Indirect Taxes

Arbitration, Conciliation

Dispute Settlements

Fraud & Risk Management

Restructuring & Settlement of Loans

Economic Offences & Forensic Advisories

Cheque Bounce Cases

We carry out Registrar of Companies (ROC) / Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) related compliances & filings on behalf of companies. We also deal in legal matters related to companies.

We provide legal assistance to assessees during our appearances before the appropriate Revenue Authority, whether Income Tax, VAT, Profession Tax, Service Tax, etc.

We reconcile differences between the parties and ensure avoidance of legal hassles which takes away major part of your income… and no doubt a mental peace of mind too!

We eliminate chances of fraud and provide guidance to counter risks apprehensions.

A genuine non-payment of loan can be settled at any level of the proceedings. We also help Banks to ensure recovery through appropriate legal advise or by formulating a One Time Settlement or restructuring to avoid loans getting bad.

Commercial transactions carry risk of cheque bounces either by the receiver or by the giver incase the cheque is issued only towards guarantee without availing corresponding services. We have been an expert to advise on cheque bounce cases.

  • Matters related to Economic Offences filed with CID / CBI.
  • Advisories related to Forensic Accounting.
  • Corporate non-recoveries eligible to be classified under Economic Offences.
  • Advisory services to Banks to overcome economic offences liable for commission & appropriate suggestion of remedies to curtail proposed losses.
  • Any other matters of legal interest in economic offences committed by an entity.